2021 – Online Betting in Nigeria

Nigeria’s online betting sector is dominated by mega-sites like 1xBet Nigeria and Nairabet. Sports are huge in this African nation. The economy is also growing rapidly. With increased money, many of its inhabitants can afford sports betting.

However, in the age of the internet, Nigeria lacks a stable regulatory structure. It is the same in most nations in Africa and Asia. Comparing Nigerian legislation to those of established nations like Australia reveals the situation.

Nigerians may gamble online without any restrictions. There are no laws that specifically define internet betting as a criminal crime. So many people gamble online.

Illicit gambling in the nation includes off-book casinos and illegal pokie machines. The country’s current primary issue is underage gaming. Despite a rule prohibiting children from staking, it is not strictly enforced.

The sector is so profitable, they say. The major reason is that Nigerian bookmakers like to take low-cost wagers from children.


The nation has two gaming regulating authorities.

Lagos State Lotteries

Many of the country’s betting sites are based in Lagos. So the government decided to set up an independent board to regulate gaming in the area. The Lagos State Lottery Law of 2004 established it in 2005.

NLC – National Lottery Regulation

The National Lottery Act of 2005 created this commission. It controls lottery activities nationwide. It also protects the interests of lottery players, stakeholders, and the general public. The company has offices in 15 states, including Lagos.

The Two Gambling Laws in Nigeria

Nigeria has two gambling laws. They’ve been around for 30-40 years and are particular to gaming.

Casino Prohibition Act (1977)

This law makes owning or operating a gambling machine unlawful. It also states that the maximum punishment is one year in jail. And the Nigerian government loses the machine. This law has no effect on sports betting.

Code Penal (1990)

Chapter 22 of this legislation defines unlawful gambling activities and their punishments. It also bans non-skilled gambling. The fact that Nigeria allows skill games implies that sports bettors have nothing to fear. But gambling is prohibited in the nation. Except for three land-based casinos that provide roulette and slots.

Sports betting is officially authorized in the nation. Because winning in sports betting is not simply a matter of chance. You can increase your chances of winning by learning more about the teams and the circumstances of the game. Sports betting also involves math.

Note that the rule only applies to brick-and-mortar bookies who are intended to damage tote pools. They must also have a valid license. If they run other sorts of gambling, they may be prosecuted with heavy fines and prison sentences.

Naira Betting Online

The internet, in particular, has changed the way individuals live their lives. Betting isn’t exempt. Because it is a new technology, most countries’ rules are behind.

European nations like the UK have welcomed internet bookies and casinos. The US is still adopting the 2018 legislations. Online gambling is unregulated in Nigeria. It is a big setback for the business, since it affects operators more than bettors.

Given the ambiguity of Nigerian internet gambling legislation, determining criminal charges requires interpretation of existing statutes. Lack of clarification has led to an explosion of unlicensed internet gaming businesses. However, several legal casinos outside Nigeria accept players from Nigeria.

Bettors are seldom prosecuted in the nation. So gamers may bet freely at bookmakers and casinos. Because internet gambling is unregulated, bookmakers have an advantage over online casinos. Notable examples of this include lotteries, slots, and roulettes. The current makes offline games of chance unlawful. They are thus illegal in the internet world. However, sports betting is a skill game. Punters are therefore free to participate.

A favorite among bettors

From Nwankwo Kanu through Victor Moses and Alex Iwobi, Nigerian soccer has been on the rise in Europe since 2000.

As a result, most Nigerians follow the main leagues throughout the globe. Most sports bettors place their wagers on football games, reflecting their love for the game. But there are others. There are many people who wager on boxing, tennis, and basketball.

Taken into account

Nigeria has less danger than other nations due to its ambiguous gaming policy. The authorities are not big on betting. But punters benefit because illicit gambling operators are prosecuted. Local gamers are safer dealing with regulated offshore bookies and casinos. Those at least provide some protection that unauthorized local ones do not.

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